Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Also, I love chocolate cake

My name is Emma, and I'm from Washington DC. I graduated from Duke in May, in art history and classical studies... not exactly the most employable fields, which is why I'm now a trade analyst.

After undergrad I decided to take two years off before grad school, which kind of seemed like a good idea at the time for the purposes of repaying student loans, travelling, and taking some languages to help me get into a good program. However, I've since discovered that not going to school makes me feel a little dead inside, especially when I have to wear real clothes/shoes 5 days a week. For that reason, I am pumped about my German class that starts tonight... woohoo, intellectual pursuits! Once I get to grad school, I want to study Roman art.

For now, I live at home. I tutor my 9th grade sister in math and science, which is kind of a travesty and I hope she doesn't fail. I also tutor some kids from the inner city wards in my stake for the ACTs and SATs. I loooove reading, especially short stories and poetry. I hate Ethiopian food. I get incredibly nerdy at museums. I've bought a lot of new shoes since I started my job this summer. And my favorite memory of Alexandra was the time we went to a stake dance (??) and she started crying when they played the YMCA.

Apart from Al, the only other person I know on this blog is Ade, so I can't wait to meet the rest of you!

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Alexandra said...

Darling, you fail to note the symbolism of my tears, lol: not only was I having to listen to YMCA, but that evening represented a culture that was soon to become my social setting for the next two years!

So, tell me more about this "trade analyst" position? As Ade asked in her last email, are you selling out on art history?

Also, tell me about these new shoes. (PS Ade, big sale at Karen Millen)