Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Today's Special: Courtney a la mode

Since I really should be reading BYU Magazine for one of my editing classes, I thought I would write my introduction. For what better way to introduce you to me then by doing it while procrastinating? (And because, tomorrow, Alexandra will wonder why I didn't do it when we talked about it extensively this evening.)

I am Courtney. I go to BYU and will graduate this August. Yes, this is just my undergrad, and my major is English, minor editing. Though I am considerably younger than Alexandra academically, I am, in fact, exactly one month older (and 10 inches shorter).

I have been married to Sam for one year and four months. He is studying film and recently shaved his head.

I am passionate about literature. American contemporary to be exact. My passion for grammar occasionally surpasses my passion for literature. I find the structure of the English language fascinating.

My other random interests include biking, first-generation American culture, culinary arts and the food network.

So those are some basics. Audrey might tell you I'm awkward and not very organized. Alexandra will tell you . . . I don't know Al, what would you tell them?
Now I really must go read BYU Magazine.

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Kathryn said...

Good luck with your editing class! BYU Magazine editor Jeff McClellan is a great resource for networking. He knows a lot of people in the publishing world.