Monday, 22 January 2007

Beautiful Books, Films, Music

Hello! Has anyone discovered a particularly beautiful book or film or piece of music recently? Or painting or poem? Or idea or word?


Kathryn said...

The Queen, with Helen Mirren, is brilliant!

Courtney said...

I assume you want something with which to edify yourself, so this will be of no use, since you are undoubtedly infused with this art continually, but I went to the church's museum of art (I've lived in Utah how long and I just found out the church has a museum of art?). And there was the exhibit on the pioneers and what-not. I went through that rather quickly and walked through another area where they had tons of Minerva's paintings. It was marvelous. And it always makes me so happy when I walk through the JSB and see her work. (And obviously, it makes me think of you, Al.)

Also, at the LDS Film Festival, there was a short film based on a poem: Altars of Light by Pierre Joris. Read it, definitely.

I really want to see The Queen! It won some Golden Globes. I'm glad you liked it-- now I have a firm recommendation.

Emma said...

I've gotten a liiittle obsessed with going to the Smithsonian American Art Museum at lunch - it just reopened after 6 years, and it is fabulous.

One of my favorite pieces in their (fantastic) modern art collection is called "Small's Paradise", by Helen Frankenthaler. Isn't Color Field great?